Format Women's Picture Agency at NPG - January - July 2010

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The National Portrait Gallery exhibited a range of photographs from Format Photographers, the only UK all-woman agency founded in 1983 including Roshini Kempadoo as a member of Format.

The selection was on display from January through to July 2010 and included photographs of portraits and events from the period including: Joan Mary Ruddock, Margaret Atwood, Toni Morrison, Margaret Busby, photographs from the Greenham Common American airbase, the Women's Peace Camp and the miners' strike.
Roshini joined Format Photographers in 1984 having studied photography with the social documentary photographer Nick Hedges for her first degree in Visual Communications. She continued as a member of the agency until it's demise in 2003. Her contribution to the agency has been to document African, Asian, and Caribbean communities, black union activism, and personalities over the period.