Virtual Exiles (2000 - 2008) goes offline July 2008

Roshini Kempadoo’s digital images and Internet site 'Virtual Exiles,' explores the experiences of individuals who have left their country of origin and who are now at ‘home’ in another. The reason and experience of having left a homeland always varies, but what doesn’t is the relation to the host country - those having migrated are nearly always considered to be an ‘outsiders’ or ‘foreigners’. The work was created by Kempadoo while investigating her own status as refugee/exile/expatriate/emigre in relation to her own country of birth England and her country of origin and upbringing, Guyana.

The interactive website was an ongoing curated internet show where individuals and groups are encouraged to contribute their own artwork. Whether it is a sound, video or a multimedia piece or a series of images or text, the person is invited to contribute their own experience of being ‘settled’ and ‘rooted’ within one culture and yet having a deep sense of belonging with another. Such contributions alongside Kempadoo’s own work are then contextualised and presented as four separate portfolios, each of which focuses on particular aspects of the ‘exiled’ experience.